*Level = Beginners / Level 1
    *Advised age = 2-3 Years old

    This specially designed programme has been created by Dakoda for boys and girls to express themselves through music, stories, make – believe with all the action packed dance moves they can handle ! Join us as we take your little one on a magical adventure to meet strong soldiers, magical fairies and elves, jumping rabbits and many more.

    We use a huge variety of music including funky re- mixed nursery rhymes and classical masterpieces. Classes are delivered by friendly teachers who deliver this non-stop energy packed class that will have your little one’s confidence soaring. Social skills, self-awareness, awareness of others, sharing, taking turns and many other important development lifelong skills are implemented.
    We use lots of different props to enhance the fun, and parents or carers can be as involved as much or little as their child wants or needs.

    We ask that all young dancers meet the minimum age requirement by September 1st. Students are then placed in our classes according to age. During the first two weeks of classes, teachers may suggest a different class or level

    This is a parental participation – one adult per child only please.



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  • Little Movers – Pre Programme – 3-4 Years

    *Level = Beginners / Level 2

    *Advised age = 3–4 Years old

    Our “Pre” program welcomes young children into the exciting and joyful world of dance.
    The program has been designed to introduce young children to the building blocks of posture, stretch, creative improvisation and rhythm.  This is taught through a series of exercises, stories and songs that lay the groundwork for proper dance technique.
    Basic elements of stretches, warm-ups, taking turns, traveling steps, mime, dance class etiquette and many more are introduced.
    They will start to incorporate individual dance steps into combinations, work on coordination skills using both arms and legs, including right and left distinction.

    Our inspiring teacher holds your child’s interest, and the class will be positively affecting your child’s self esteem and nurturing their imagination & creativity.

    Dancing through stories, using play props such as scarves, crowns & dressing up  also helps provides a magical experience that will leave them asking when their next dance class at DDA is !

    This is an independent participation class and is suitable for boys and girls.

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    Classical Ballet
    *Level = Beginners through to Advanced
    *Minimum age =  5 Years old

    DDA follows the Royal Academy of Dance classical ballet syllabus. Examinations at each level are optional. Levels are Pre-Primary, Primary, and Grades 1 through 8.

    In these classes the language of Ballet, as well as knowledge of correct structural and muscular placement will be taught. Ballet is the most beneficial dance form for body placement. Elegance, grace with strength, flexibility, expression and artistry are taught and students will learn the disciplines of classical, free- movement and character.

    For more information about the Royal Academy of Dance and it’s syllabi please go to :-

    Ballet is highly recommended for all students wishing to improve their overall dance technique, to grow and progress to more advanced levels of dance.

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    *Advised age = 5 – 12 Years old

    Channel your child’s natural pizzazz in this fun and exciting combination of jazz and tap.

    Classes are designed to develop focus, co-ordination, rhythm and performance skills in basic jazz / tap movement vocabulary.


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    *Advised age = 5 – 17 Years old

    This class focuses on putting it all together ! All the dancing, singing and acting students have learnt in individual classes is fused together and emphasis is placed on confident performing and style.
    Exerts from different musicals e.g. Wicked, Mary Poppins, Billy Elliott etc are selected each term and students then have the chance to show off these skills in our biennial theatre productions.

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    *Level = Beginners through to advanced
    *Advised age = 5 – 17 Years old

    Singing and vocal technique, to increase vocal strength, range of voice & find the child’s true voice potential. They will develop confidence in their voices both within a group & as soloists whilst studying styles from musical theatre to pop.

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    *Level = Beginners through to advanced
    *Advised age = 5 – 17 Years old

    Our Acro /Gymnastics is for boys and girls at all standards.
    Come and find out what fantastic tricks you can learn. Cartwheels, handstand, walk overs and much more – perfect your skills and learn new ones!

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    *Level = Beginners through to advanced
    *Advised age = 5 – 17 Years old

    The coolest dance style out there ! From popping & locking to breakin’ & lyrical . We have classes for boys and girls at various standards.

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    *Level = Beginners through to Advanced
    *Advised age = 5 – 17 Years old

    It’s all about the attitude! A totally cool, funky, fun style of dance often seen in music videos and danced by their favorite pop stars. With the latest music and moves, you can be sure they are learning all the right steps in an age appropriate context 🙂 This class is so popular – come and find out why!

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    Private lessons are available for those wishing to have one on one tuition.

    Please call or email the school for more information.


    Private lessons can be taken in all styles of dance or styles of singing.

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    We can help you create the perfect birthday party.

    We offer tailored parties to suit the individual child in all dance styles & various themes . Suitable for boys and girls from their third birthday upwards.

    “Wonderful- I have never seen 25 six year old girls simultaneously shriek with happiness until my daughter’s Street-Dance party which DDA organized. The feedback from the girls and parents was heart warming. Thank you  for a Memorable Day! ”

    – Lea – Mum to six year old Kiki

    ” Thank you for a fantastic event, Mirella and her friends absolutely loved it! “  


    – Vivcea – Mum to six year old Mirella

    “In addition to the dance classes Kolby takes with Dakoda’s Dance Academy, we also had the pleasure of celebrating Kolby’s 6th birthday with a party offered by DDA.  The party was customized to fit Kolby’s interests so it was a hip-hop party with her favorite songs.  Kolby and her friends had such a fun time.  Dakoda and her dance teachers were great and the kids walked away with some very cool moves!”

    – Alexis – Mum to six year old Kolby


    Please call us to discuss how we can create the perfect party for you!

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    Let our amazing choreographers create your dream first dance. Share your vision with us and we can help you create it.

    Dearest Dakoda,
    Thank you so much for your very hard work in teaching us how to dance for our wedding! The dance went really well and all of our family and friends were so surprised! It was a real feature of our reception and we are so grateful to you for all your patience and tolerance – we aren’t the world’s best dancers! The day was so wonderful – we were really lucky with the weather and it was fantastic from start to finish. Thank you very much and we hope you are doing well. Lots of Love Baiju and Juliette xx

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    Private Adult Classes are available.

    Combine the fun of dance with the sound health habits of exercise. These classes are designed to give total body conditioning. No previous dance experience necessary.

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