Dakoda’s Dance Academy at Her Majesty’s Theatre London

Dakoda’s Dance Academy at Her Majesty’s Theatre London

If you have been attending Dakoda’s Dance  academy over the last term you may have noticed a busy flurry of students running from class to class, paper flowers strewn around reception and the odd Magical gateway to another realm.
This is due to the Dakoda’s Dance Academy annual show at Her Majesty’s Theatre Piccadilly london . We have teamed up with the wonderful guys at Class talent to help put on a show that the kids (and families) will remember for a long time. Now the show was on the 2nd december and for all of you who attended we hope you loved it as much as we enjoyed making it.
Our own 2 children Ashton,8 and Berry 4) both danced in the show so we know the extra effort the parent had to make to ensure their children turned up on time to rehearsals, remembered their uniforms…..and of course helped practice at home.

For those of you who could attend the show, we all had a great time.


Rehearsals were held at Marlborough school in London where the children were able to try on their costumes for the first there are some images below if you wish to have a look.

Act 1- Secret garden.

This act was based on the beloved book ‘The Secret Garden’ by by Frances Hodgson Burnet, a beautiful book about a little girl who is staying at her uncles house and stumbles upon a gate to a secret garden. From the delightful little flowerbeds with our Little pre ballet dancers to our bigger girls and boys ‘Dancing in the Rain’, our ‘Rockin Robin’ Hip Hop kids and our Contemporary Ballet older girls. It was a truly Magical Act.

Act 2-Journey To Space

Starting with our little ones in bed all asleep with their favourite teddies, a noise is heard. With soft harp music playing a sleepy melody they all wake up and perform a beautiful ballet piece…….then the aliens arrive ( our Musical theatre students actually). They preform a great little song and dance number to ‘2 little men in a flying saucer’ by Ella Fitzgerald.


Then comes our amazing acro students literally leaping onto the stage. Space jam then deafens the stage as our shiny lycra clad hip hop kids hit the stage to a cool RUN DMC track. This is followed by our Big dancers performing to Space Jam and Daft Punk. All the kids came back onto the stage for our Act 2 finale to the song Starships

Act 3- The Snow Queen

This act was based on the ‘Snow Queen, about a little boy who is trapped by the evil Snow Queen.  Our fantastic Acro / Gymnastic Kids start the show with lots of tumbles followed by all our ballet students dancing to an energetic classical piece meant to conjure up images of now and sleigh bells. Out littlest dance students perform a beautiful dance in their Ballet tutus but have to run off stage when the wicked Queen arrives. Her ‘Minions’ dance a dramatic contemporary street jazz piece to ‘Castle by Halsey where she drags the poor boy off the stage.


Next is a lovely Ballet piece where the boys sister manages to save her brother using the magic of song and dance ( with help from the musical theatre and singing classes). With the Queen defeated all the student gather on stage for the final finale.

Backstage Ballet rehearsal for the Pre-Primaries

” just wanted to say that you and your students were absolutely amazing in theatre Sunday night i couldn’t stop holding my breath.  Thank you soooo much”. – A happy parent

Tap & Jazz flower power

“Thank you for making this event happened with such joy and professionalism. Stellar memory for the children.”

They’re Outer (Space) Control

Thank you so much for a fantastic performance.  I think our dance school was the best.  Malaika loved performing.

DDA Hip Hop Boys

“Last night was amazing!!!  All the dancers did such a wonderful job.  I really don’t know how you are able to pull that all together in such a short period of time.  It’s truly incredible.”

Blossoming Ballet Buddies

Yesterday’s show was absolutely amazing! Well done!!!”