An Amazing day for one of our Dance students!

An Amazing day for one of our Dance students!


The Stoyan Kambarev Foundation is an Academy that was created  to encourage and support young artists in different arts by annually awarding a prize that has established itself as the most anticipated and prestigious award of its type in Bulgaria. It is a Unique award in that it is not solely for a particular art form but covers many varied types of art (Music, Film, Dance etc).

Why am I talking about this you may ask. Well, we were contacted by the foundation and asked if Ashton Myers, who is one of Dakoda’s students was available to host at the gala dinner. Now, Ashton is a confident 8 year old boy. He has been studying Ballet, Hip-Hop, Singing and Musical Theatre for the past 5 years and was very excited to try out his stage skills.

Several rehearsals during his dance classes on a Saturday at Dakoda’s Dance Academy in Knightsbridge and he was ready to go.

Tuxedo – check
Shiny Shoes- Check
Bow tie – Check
Hair gel & Cologne – Check

We arrived at 4pm on Sunday and a slightly nervous Ashton was fitted with a ear piece and microphone and was ushered on stage for more rehearsals.

Luckily for Ashton, Fortune favours the brave. He had a wonderful co-host, Devora Wilde a fantastic English actress born in Bulgaria. A few hours later, a tired boy put down the microphone took off the bow tie, changed into his trainers and his Mum took him home.

The whole thing was televised on National Bulgarian Television channel for a fantastic keepsake.

I asked him a few days later if he enjoyed it and he said “it was the best day ever……did you know, there was unlimited ice-cream.