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Current Competition Team Members

Street Dance Hip Hop at Marlborough School

New Students Joining the team MUST fill in out terms and conditions from below.

Street Dance COMPETITION TEAM Information 2020

Please note – Regardless of which Competition your child may or may not be competing in. All members of the Team are expected to attend EVERY rehearsal and make up any missed classes.

Every Saturday during term time

10:45 – 11:30am Seniors 13+

3:30 – 4:15pm Juniors

Street Dance Hip Hop at Marlborough School

Audition Dates

Street Dance Competition team Audition Dates 2020

September 12th

DDA Street Dance Competition Classes will take place every Saturday during DDA term time –





JUNIORS 10.45-11.30am

SENIORS 2.45-3.30pm




The following Rules must be signed via your DDA portal online.


A: Mandatory Components:


Minimum class requirements: During DDA Term time -1 Weekly Street Dance Class + 1 Weekly Competition Class + All Sundays scheduled
Saturdays Competition Classes will take place every Saturday during DDA term time –




*All pictures and videography of all students in The DDA Competition Team in classes, at competition, at performances, or at any DDA related event may be used by DDA on social media etc.


B: Attendance Policy:
*The DDA team is dependent on each dancers 100% participation and commitment. All classes, competitive and non-competitive, are important. The only way to truly progress and improve as a dancer is to be present. Your child will be judged as part of a TEAM when competing, and one student with bad attendance hurts the entire team.
We fully understand and appreciate all our dancers and their families have busy schedules and we will give as much notice as possible with regards to rehearsals and competitions – please do not ask for exceptions for absences.


There are no “make up” classes for any absence. However, should a dancer be absent, we encourage he/she to attend an additional class for the purpose of keeping up with technique. Attending an additional class does not delete nor give credit for an absence.


All members of the competition team are allowed one date of absence per term for an emergency only and if they miss more than two, they may not be allowed to compete. PLEASE notify us by email if you know already when your child will be missing rehearsal. If your child is sick and cannot sit and watch rehearsals please call/email us.


C: Financial Obligations 2019:
Competition Team fees are payable on a monthly basis – 2 weeks in advance.




DDA Competition attire must be purchased and worn to competitions. This will consist of DDA Leggings / Bottoms , Leotard &/or T-Shirt, Jacket and Bag.
Competition entry fees, travel expenses, costume, shoes, accessories, and make up will also be applicable.
All dancers will require a costume and the same trainers/sneakers for the competition dance.
Regular class fees are completely separate from competition classes and will be invoiced separately.
All fees are non refundable.


D: Competition Obligations:


Clearly name all attire- including shoes and bags.
Home practice is vital. Music will be emailed once song choice has been made.
Mobile Phones must be off during class.
Students should be outside the studio door ready to dance 5/10mins prior to the class start time.


E: Competition Day:
*Some students may be asked to compete in a Solo. This will be by invite only and at the discretion of the choreographer depending on age, level & current ability.
*All competition scheduling is set by the competition itself; not DDA. Any requests to alter specific days and times of performances cannot be accommodated.
*During competition, wherever we place, whether we win or lose, we are expected to have a winning attitude.


F: Terms and Conditions:
I agree to pay fees on a monthly basis. I understand that fees are due 2 weeks before the 1st day of each month.


I agree to pay a late fee of £25.00 if my fees are received after the 10th of each month.


I understand there are no refunds for absences, but make up classes are possible.


I understand that DDA uses email to communicate and share important information, and that it is my responsibility to provide an accurate email address and update staff if there are any changes.


I acknowledge that I understand the nature of the activities my child will be participating in and that despite precautions, accidents and/or physical injury may occur.


I/we agree to release and hold harmless DDA. including its teachers, and staff members from any cause of action, claims, or demands now and in the future.


I/we will not hold DDA. liable for any personal injury or any personal property damage or loss, which may occur on the premises before, during or after classes or which may occur at any DDA. sponsored event outside the studio.


I have listed any special medical problems that my child has below and our family doctor approves of their participation in DDA classes in spite of these medical problems.


Under Article 24 of the GDPR, DDA will not use any of your data other than to contact you regarding your Childs classes. We will not divulge your data with any other parties.


Please note:
Your son or daughter has been invited to join and train with the DDA Competition Team – this does not mean that they will automatically be entered into every competition.


The rules and policies listed above are subject to change at any time.
Failure to comply with any of the rules, policies, and procedures of “Dakoda’s Dance Academy” will result in immediate removal from the competition program.


I,(parent) have read, understand, and agree to comply with the Competition Team Rules and Policies –

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