Musical Theatre – Dancing, Singing & Acting

Does your Child love performing? Looking for Performing arts for your child?

*Advised age = 5 – 17 Years old

This class focuses on putting it all together ! All the dancing, singing and acting students have learnt in individual classes is fused together and emphasis is placed on confident performing and style.

Exerts from different musicals e.g. Wicked, Mary Poppins, Billy Elliott etc are selected each term and students then have the chance to show off these skills in our biennial Theatre productions.

What is Musical Theatre?

Musical Theatre is a fantastic fun form of theatrical performance that kids love. Based around a story, emotion, content and words are communicated through words, music and movement.

Most Musicals are performed in theatres. One of the most famous areas in London for Musicals is London’s West End. Each year Dakoda’s Dance Academy has an annual show at the famous ‘Her Majesty’s Theater, London.

Why Musical Theatre
Musical Theatre is a great way of entertaining through a combination of: popular music, solo songs, duets, choruses and ensembles, Spoken dialogue dance sequences, stage spectacles and fantastic costumes,Orchestra or live band accompaniment.

It is a fantastic way for children to be creative, imaginative and to express themselves in a way they normally wouldn’t be able to whether as themselves or as a new ‘character’

More about Musical Theatre

Libretto – the overall text including the spoken and sung parts
Lyrics – the words to the songs

Most song in Musical Theatre are either:
Action songs, which move the plot forward or

Character songs, which enable a character to express their feelings
Within these two formats, different song types can be found including:

Ballads, which are usually slow, romantic and reflective
Comedy songs , which are funny, so the lyrics are very important
Production numbers, which involve the full company and are used to show major changes in location or plot, and often open and close acts
Rhythm songs which are driven by energetic rhythm patterns

Although most musicals use dialogue some are thought composed. There is little or no dialogue, nearly everything is sung.

Soft Ballet shoes or bare feet
Comfortable / Stretchy dance attire

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