DDA term dates and watching days


More House, Knightsbridge & MArlborough School, chelsea

Term 1 / 2021    (Autumn/Fall)

Saturday 11th September – Saturday 11th December


Monday 18th October -Sunday 31st October

IMPORTANT UPDATE – ALL CLASSES at Morehouse, Knightsbridge on Saturday 20th November will move to Sunday 21st November 

ALL CLASSES at Morehouse, Knightsbridge on Saturday December 4th will be held at Marlborough Primary School 

This is due to circumstances beyond our control. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Watching Day –Saturday 27th November

Term 2 / 2022    (Spring)

Saturday 8th January – Saturday 2nd April


Monday 13th February -Sunday 20th February

Term 3 / 2022    (Summer)

Saturday 23rd April – Saturday 9th July


Monday 30th May -Sunday 5th June

St Peters eaton square

Term 1 2021    (Autumn/Fall)

Thursday 9th September – Thursday 9th December


Monday 18th October -Sunday 31st October

Term 1 2022    (Spring)

Thursday 13th January – Thursday 31st March


Thursday February 19th

Term 1 2022    (Summer)

Thursday 21st April – Thursday 7th July


Thursday June 2nd

Regarding watching classes, please note:

In normal circumstances – We invite parents / guardians to view their child’s class(es) at the end of each term ( subject to change ) so that they can see how their child is progressing.

Please bear in mind that our Watching Days are not performances; we invite you to watch a normal class to observe development and progress.

Parents, guardians, grandparents, siblings, friends & nanny’s etc are welcome to attend but please be mindful that the children need some space in which to dance!

Please consider that some children in the class may be shy or nervous of dancing in front of an audience.
Due to above two points please try to bring a maximum of 1 audience member per child to watch.
We recommend children under the age of 4 are not brought to Watching Days – which is in the best interests of the children in the classes. This includes babies as it cannot be guaranteed that they will stay asleep for the duration of the class!

Please only bring other children with you to watch the class if they are capable of sitting still for the duration without distracting the children dancing!

You will be permitted to film the class and show it to siblings, friends and other family members who are not able / eligible to attend. Photograph’s may also be taken. However- please do not post on social media.

Need to Contact Us?

Address: Dakoda’s Dance Academy Within MoreHouse School 22-24 Pont Street London SW1X 0AA Tel: 07796134841/ 020 85798268
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